September 1, 2006

Describe the difference between Verification and Validation.

Verification is done by frequent evaluation and meetings to appraise the documents, policy, code, requirements, and specifications. This is done with the checklists, walkthroughs, and inspection meetings.

Validation is done during actual testing and it takes place after all the verifications are being done.

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Anonymous shobha said...

Could you explain me the Verification and Validation process with an example?

2:03 PM  
Blogger JK said...


Different activities are carried out to ensure that we are building the product right.

Activities like Peer reviews , Inspections , code walk-thru's,

verification is done at every stage of the project.

eg: At Requirements Phase the output is the Requirements specification document (SRS or FRS)or Usecases.
A Requirements Review needs to be done inorder to make sure that we have captured the right requirements .
From a Tester perspective , we go thru the requirments and make sure that they are testable , consitent and are not ambiguous.

The objective of this review meeting is to make sure that we have got the requirements right which are feasible to implement , testable. Any ambiguity should be noted and escalated to the Business Analyst inorder to get it clarified.
One should not have an assumtion about the requirments to proceed.

The ambiguities and the incomplete requirements are noted down as an observation's of the review meeting and thus helps in uncovering the potential defects that could have occured in the later stage.

In simple terms Verification is more Prevention activity which helps us in cutting down the costs of fixing a defect.


Validation is an activity to make sure that we have built the right product, which means that our product satifies all the end user requirements.

Functional Testing is a major activity to uncover the defects in the application.

Validation is a detection activity.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger gaurav said...

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Anonymous BS Bisht said...

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Blogger Four Penna said...

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