September 8, 2006

What are the common problems in the software development process?

· Inadequate requirements from the Client - if the requirements given by the client is not clear, unfinished and not testable, then problems may come.

· Unrealistic schedules – Sometimes too much of work is being given to the developer and ask him to complete in a Short duration, then the problems are unavoidable.

· Insufficient testing – The problems can arise when the developed software is not tested properly.

· Given another work under the existing process – request from the higher management to work on another project or task will bring some problems when the project is being tested as a team.

· Miscommunication – in some cases, the developer was not informed about the Clients requirement and expectations, so there can be deviations.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

your giving good information abt testing, thank you

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Blogger Penna Sparrow said...

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