September 9, 2006

What is UAT testing? When it is to be done?

UAT Testing - UAT stands for 'User acceptance Testing. This testing is carried out with the user perspective and it is usually done before the release.


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Blogger Webfraction said...

Can you give some example of UAT

1:20 PM  
Blogger Jerry Ruban said...

The UAT process is supported by a mix of quality assurance professionals and end users. QA team in mostly involved in analyzing the Business scenarios, UAT planning and developing UAT test cases. The test execution is mostly done by the end users.

The stages involved in User Acceptance Testing are,
1) Test Plan
2) Test Design
3) Test Execution and Defect Management
4) Defining and Evaluating product release criteria
5) Approving/Rejecting software release

11:33 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Very good explanation. Thank you.

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Blogger Unknown said...

This is really a very good explanation. all my doubts now cleared
Thank you so much......

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Blogger Unknown said...

Totally I Agree
Useful for Every nice site...
Suresh Balakrishnan.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Each and every explanations are splendid...and no need to search about testing in other sites ....
Here its More than enough.....

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Blogger Nav said...

amazing, more than expectations.........

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Blogger Nav said...

amazing............. more than expectations.

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Blogger Unknown said...

Good explanation..

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the information is very useful for the Testers. Appreciate the excellent knowledge sharing..

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